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The Segmatic brand was born to create the perfect combination between price and quality in the automotive parts market.

The latest proven technology is in the heart of the development and manufacturing of Segmatic products. While developing products, the company is focused on the high quality and durability of the products.

The Segmatic brand has collected all the basic needs of the auto parts customers.

Product lines

Segmatic brand range is developed by experienced European automotive component specialists. The products meet the requirements of European quality standards, confirmed by different ISO certificates.

Segmatic brand autoparts are consumable for Japanese, Korean, American and European cars.

Segmatic has a wide range of product lines and they are available for customers all over the world. In the automotive market of the CIS countries, Segmatic is represented in the following product lines:

Water pumps


Chain kits

Repair kits

Brake discs

Brake cylinders

Brake pads

Brake calipers

Brake cable

Branch pipes

Clutch cylinders

Spark plug

CV joints


V-ribbed belts



Rubber parts

Segmatic brand covers a wide range of needs of the auto parts market.

Currently, we are actively working on developemnt of new product lines for the CIS market.

Quality control

Each auto part is made from quality materials on modern high-precision equipment and goes through many stages of verification from design to implementation, while recreating critical conditions at the stands, as close as possible to real ones.

An innovative service delivery approach based on best practices and the latest technology enables the Segmatic brand to present products at their best.


One of the company's objectives is to create a first-class customer service.

Segmatic distinguishes the following main principles of brand development:

- development of production technologies

- expanding the range of products

- development of customer service

Offering in diversity is a reflection of the ability to combine the many different strengths and capabilities of a company, bringing them together into a strong and attractive value proposition that meets customer expectations.

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